Project Division

In combination of technical expertise and excellent relationship management , we develop and participate the projects to provide quality products for Industrial Application and Infrastructure Development Projects in Myanmar supporting after-sale-service care locally.

The Airport Ground Equipment

Airport Ground Equipment is a major line of business of our company and most essential facilities of Airport to facilitate Airport ground operation and support.

Aircraft Rescue and fire Fighting Vehicles

It is such an honor to receiving exclusivity as a local partner of “Carrozzcria Chinetti ,s.r.l ” From ltaly, we have been supplying Fire Fighting Vehicles ( ARFF , RIV , CFR , etc.) in accordance with ICAO requirement and FAA requlation.

Ground Support Equipment

We represent France brand “ TLD” for Myanmar’s Airport industries ,providing complete ranges of products for Tractor Lines , Cargo lines, Cabin line, Military & Special Equipment line and Fluid line to serve ground service for all aircrafts of Boeing, Airbus ,all wide and narrow body Aircrafts.

Aircraft Refueling Vehicle

We are proud to be an authorized agent in myanamr to deliver and support after-sales-care of Titan Aciation’s Aircraft Refueling Vehicles ,one of the reliable products from France.We are able to supply refueling solutions for every step of the refueling process that connect to the aircraft’s wing.

Gas System for Aircraft

The Air Solution for the purification and generation of Nitrogen and Oxygen, purity up to 99.9% , is also a part of our Airport Ground Equipment.